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Help with The 2012 Magi Project 

The Magi Project is an effort of Churches of Christ to provide the good news of Christ's birth and life.    Coordinated by Healing Hands International, hundreds of congregations and thousands of individual Christians share their compassion for needy children by sending them simple shoe boxes packed with love.    These little boxes mean so much to a child trapped in poverty or facing the effects of war and disaster.   Like the Magi of old, you'll bring a simple Christmas gift box to one that Jesus called, "the least of these."

Packing Your Box
Use a medium-sized empty shoebox or small shoebox-sized plastic container.   Separately wrap the lid and bottom of the box with Christmas wrapping paper; if you are using a plastic shoebox, line the bottom with colorful tissue paper or gift-wrap.

Choose to pack your gift for a Girl or Boy. Then select the age category for your child and  Make a label or use the labels available at church.  The label should specify if the gift is for a boy or a girl and one of the following age ranges:  2-4, 5-7, 8-10 or 11 +.   Attach the label to the small end of the box.

Pack your box with age and gender appropriate gifts worth $20-$25.  Suggested items below.

IMPORTANT:    place $7 for shipping costs just under the box lid so it’s clearly visible when opened.  

Rubber band the lid to the box and  bring your box to church by September 30, 2012

Suggested Gift Items
Toys: small toys, stuffed animals, balls, cars, dolls, yoyo's, harmonicas, slinkies, etc. (Please keep age appropriateness and safety in mind).
School Supplies: notebooks, paper, coloring books, calculators, rulers, gluesticks, crayons, pens, pencils, sharpeners, etc. For older children you might want to include a flashlight with extra batteries.
Picture Books,  Bible picture books, Christmas story books, etc. NOTE: Most recipients do not read or speak English. Health/Hygiene Items: Soap, combs, brushes, dental products, bandaids, washcloths, barrettes, travel size lotion or shampoos packed in plastic zipped bags. Clothes: Due to size limitations, clothing gifts should consist of small t-shirts, underwear, a pair of socks or a baseball cap.
Candy:  Only individually wrapped hard candy is acceptable; PLEASE PACK IT IN A PLASTIC ZIPPED BAG.

Do NOT include toy guns, knives or war-related items, chocolate or perishable items, used items, medicines of any kind, fragile/breakable Items.

Questions?   Let us know!   Worship with us…..or email us (see below).

Redondo Beach Church of Christ
6122 S. PCH
Redondo Beach, CA    90277




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